view inside the wood workshop
Photo: Jonas Tegtmeyer und Andreas Oberthür

The 400-m2 wood workshop at Bauhausstraße 9d contains all the necessities for studying and creating models, prototypes and artworks. Here, students have the opportunity to actually produce what they have designed, using special woodworking machinery, which includes circular saws, planers, surface planing machines, bandsaws, routers, bench routers and a wide variety of sanding machines. There are a total of eleven workbenches available, at which students can also process panel materials and various solid timber. With a CNC router, students can work on pieces of wood or plastic up to a size of 150 x 100 x 40 cm. A mobile 3-D scanner is capable of scanning workpieces of almost any size, and a 3-D printer can create models made of ABS plastic in sizes up to 20 x 20 x 30 cm. The wood workshop is divided into model building, CNC/CAD/CAM and carpentry. Students are supported and advised by three experienced staff members.  

Andreas Riese

Passfoto von Anreas Riese

Head of wood workshop
Bauhausstraße 9d
99423 Weimar
phone +49(0)3643 / 58 31 90 (workshop)
phone +49(0)3643 / 58 31 94 (office)
fax +49(0)3643 / 58 32 30 
e-mail andreas.riese[at]