View inside the printign workshop
Photo: Jonas Tegtmeyer

The 500-m2 printing workshop at Marienstraße 1a provides students at the Faculty of Art and Design with the chance to put their ideas to paper using digital or traditional means.
Digitally-created templates can be printed up to a size of 50 x 70 cm, using a sheet-fed offset printer with two inking units. The Roland 200 is a loan from the MAN Roland Corporation and is equipped with the latest offset printing technology. In this workshop, design students can draft and produce their own designs for books, catalogues and posters under normal production conditions.
The traditional techniques of manual silkscreen printing and etching are especially interesting for future designers and artists. Students are introduced to the specific features of these printing methods in specialist and workshop courses. The method of "learning by doing" plays an important role. Study projects for all the disciplines at the Faculty of Art and Design are offered in the printing workshop whenever printing is required for implementing artistic/design ideas. When working on their projects, students can rely on the support of two experienced staff members.

Peter Heckwolf

Free graphic design projects
Artistic head of printing workshop

Marienstraße 1a, room 106
phone +49(0)3643 / 58 33 70
e-mail peter.heckwolf[at]

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Jörg von Stuckrad

Passfoto von Jörg von Stuckrad

Craftsman Printing workshop
Marienstraße 1a (old building), room 105
phone +49(0)3643 / 58 33 68 (office)
phone +49(0)3643 / 58 33 60 (workshop)
e-mail joerg.von-stuckrad[at]

additional phone numbers:

lithography workshop: +49(0)3643 / 58 33 74
etching workshop: +49(0)3643 / 58 33 81