View inside the Plaster and mould construction workshop
Photo: Jonas Tegtmeyer

The plaster and mould construction workshop at Geschwister-Scholl-Strafle 13 is located in close proximity to the Van de Velde workshop. Since it opened in 1998, it has helped students to put their concepts and ideas to the test with a variety of methods and professional support.
The various characteristics of clay, plaster, wax, stone, concrete and silicon allow students to make models, negative moulds and original pieces of every kind.
Students especially enjoy working with porcelain, which is also possible at the workshop. Furthermore, students can prepare and create moulds for works which require bronze and concrete casting.
The 180-m2 workshop contains 20 work stations, superbly equipped with a ceramic kiln, forklift and variety of tools for moulding plaster, clay and stone. The workshop supervisor supports and advises students in completing their designs and works.

Printing decors

In Mac-Pool is a printer available, which can be used to produce designs that can be applied to porcelain, ceramic and glass. The graphics, patterns, etc. will be printed, coated and subsequently applied as a decal on the corresponding object. To preserve the decorations, the work pieces need to be baked at 820 degrees Celsius afterwards.

The templates should have the following parameters:

Colors: CMYK
Maximum size: 20 x 29 cm
Resolution: 200 - 300 dpi

If you want to use your own illustrations, make sure that the scans have a high contrast (eg. Pencil drawings can be problematic).