Winterwerkschau 2022: Projects


Project information

submitted by
Kira Käthe Becker

Esther Betz, Kira Becker, Constantin Graw, Mara Kossira, Anna Babic, Mia-Marie Henze, Mara Kossira, Aaron Merten, Lena Michiels, Michel Schneider, Luca Schreiber, Johannes Schütz, Kai Strauss, Hendrik Thomberg, Felix Kummich

Prof. Martin Kuban, M.A. Susann Paduch

Art and Design

Degree programme:
Product Design (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)),
Productdesign (Master of Arts (M.A.))

Type of project presentation

Project description

Less consumption is a matter of technological solutions, less use is a matter of behavior; only the combination will bring success.
The project sought to readjust our consumer culture by way of of action-changing approaches and clever product design. The spectrum ranged from experimentation and visions to concrete product ideas. In the initial phase, short projects were worked on while simultaneously doing research and searching for individual topics.
The short projects applied single-unit and small-series processes.

Exhibition Location / Event Location

  • – ONLINE –
  • Freifläche 2 / outside 2 (vor VDV)
  • – ONLINE –
  • Freifläche 2 / outside 2 (vor VDV)