Winterwerkschau 2022: Projects

Melina Vesely / Care and Empowerment Trough Textile Praxis

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submitted by
Suna Mathilde Yoo

Carmen Gomez Vega, Alexandra Regan Toland

Art and Design

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Participation in the Bauhaus.Modules

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During the first months of the pandemic and especially during the time i had to be in quarantine, i focused a lot on my basic needs and how to deal with the given circumstances and all the restrictions. I spent most of the time in my apartment in Weimar.

1. I was a very good mother to all the plants that live with me, because they accompanied me during very lonely times.
2. I build a sunbed on my balcony to enjoy the blue sky with its clouds, the wind whispering in the trees and the birds chirping.
3. I had dinners with two very close friends and we cooked meals as if it was the last supper.
4. I missed my family and friends, which i could not meet in person these days and so i skyped a lot.


Almost immediately after our last course my mother called me. My grandmother told her that she wanted to die, she does not have the strength for living anymore and is sleeping a lot. Even I knew that this could happen any time I was shocked and sad.
When I was a child we spent a lot of time together, baking, cooking and sewing. She told me so much about sewing, as she herself had been a seamstress and I remember the movements of her hands at the sewing machine and folding fabrics.

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