Winterwerkschau 2022: Projects

Xenia Günther / Care and Empowerent Through Textile Praxis

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Suna Mathilde Yoo

Carmen Gomez Vega, Alexandra Regan Toland

Art and Design

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Participation in the Bauhaus.Modules

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The Quilting project was our first was and my first academic touch with textiles. And it was very powerful to see and try, how and what textile work is about. Just when you begin to do it, you understand. This is very special. So reading about a handcraft and not doing it by your hands is not recommended. Do it haha

In this Quilt I have used mood-images, shot with my smartphone.


I was repairing a Textile, my homie Ricarda made for me, while we shared our first apartment together with michi. I was very into past times.
So interesting, how settings and feelings are getting empowered, by working with textiles. In the moment I was mending this lovely fabric, I was really going threw a journey. Like every stich is an new activated memory of the times I have spend with Rici. It really touched.

The Mending Process was a very heart closed one, because of memories. Maybe the hole mending thing is about memories.

Reflecting this work I want to share an experimental Soudtpoetry with you, which I created 08/21 at a Workshop with „Teleskop".
The title is „Home" and relates to the Meding project by memorizing a homespace. Also it is funny, that the sounds are recorded in Leipzig. Another home station from the past.

read on in the pdf


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