Winterwerkschau 2022: Projects

Care and Empowerment Through Textile Practice

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Suna Mathilde Yoo

Anouk Marie Felscher, Xenia Günther, Luisa Mielenz, Elfi Handina Murandu, Sophie Koenig, Laura Kühnel, Melina Johanna Vesely, You Eun Nam, Leonie Charlotte Sophie Link, Anna Viktorija Babic

Carmen Gomez Vega, Alexandra Regan Toland

Art and Design

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– Other –

Type of project presentation

Participation in the Bauhaus.Modules

Project description

How does the textile practice contribute to (self) care and empowerment of human beings in times of crisis? How does it report about our daily lives through digital media? How does it become activism?

Being able to travel with the imagination and talking over textile practices by different communities around the globe were the start points for bachelor and master students in the seminar Care and Empowerment through Textile Practice. Their creative work included photography and video as previous process for the exploration of the language of hand- and machine-made textiles.

These images tell about thoughts, experiences and feelings about life during this pandemic. They refer to care and empowerment, including environmental concern, hyper-fast culture, and mass-consumption, among others. But most of all, this exhibition is a call for hope, solidarity, communal work, knowledge sharing, creativity, and for imagining other ways of dealing with difficulties.

This seminar was conducted by PhD candidate Carmen Gomez Vega and the mentorship of Jun.- Prof. Dr. Alexandra Toland and took place in the frame of the Bauhaus Module during the WS 2021-2022.

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