Winterwerkschau 2022: Projects

Music in My Eyes | touchable sound

Project information

submitted by
Selma Richter

Pia Wolter

Prof. Burkhart von Scheven, Masihne Rasuli

Art and Design

Degree programme:
Visual Communication (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.))

Type of project presentation

Leon Gottesmann

Project description

Leon Goltermann creates new acoustic worlds in his sound compositions. This is also the case in his track "flashlight in the cave", which is now being released for the first time. Not only the track lets its audience climb into Plato's cave, where light and shadow play with each other, but also the release event takes the participants* into the park cave of Weimar, where the premiere of the sound work takes place.

The first release comes as a tape in a matchbox, which just like the phosphor-coated poster can be ignited by a match to bring light into the darkness.

Exhibition Location / Event Location

  • Marienstraße 1b, R 305
  • Marienstraße 1b, R 305