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Lisa Glauer, Anke Hannemann, Weimar

For her experimental drawings with milk, Lisa Glauer has been crossing two apparently conflicting fields: (human) milk as drawing material (invisible ink), usually signifying care, love, growth, possibly dependence, and often fascinating and beautifully rendered historical utopian imagery, particularly from the field of engineering, often seen as more cerebral and in opposition to conceptions of what is «natural», amorphous stuff. Primarily working in public space, Anke Hannemann deals with general concepts of belonging, Heimat and identity, being interested in the linkage between architectural deconstruction in post-socialist countries and reconstructed or recreated personal and collective identity as a result of major political and social change. Being active in the Spoken Word scene and having worked in the field of experimental radio, together with her experimental live sound group radioLIT, Hannemann explores the potential of lyric noise music. Eine Zusammenarbeit des Programms MFA der BUW mit dem ACC.      
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ACC Redaktion (29.10.2013)

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