Architectural studies are interdisciplinary and take place alongside the discourseand cultures of the neighbouring disciplines of art, design and planning.

In the Bachelor of Architecture study course, renowned professors in the field communicate analytical, creative and constructional aspects of architecture. The bachelor course comprises lectures and coursework that provide a theoretical and practical foundation in the principal areas of architecture, equipping you with knowledge and skills for design and presentation, construction and technology,and the theory and history of architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture.

A speciality of the complex field of architectural studies in Weimar is the pronounced emphasis on design-oriented work: real tasks and interdisciplinary experiments form the basis for developing bold and innovative ideas under the watchful supervision and guidance of the professors and their design tutors. Research-oriented work within the design projects prepares you for the more strongly research-oriented work of the Master’s degree programmes. 

The B.Sc. Architecture is in German language.


What does the programme offer?

What does the programme offer?

The Bachelor of Architecture study course is divided into three successive years that build on each other. After a two-week introductory course in the first semester, all students follow a curriculum that focuses on a specific central theme each year. This is reflected in the content of the core modules:

The first year of study communicates basic design and presentation skills along with the fundamental principles of architectural design. Accompanying lectures provide a basic theoretical foundation for the following two years.

In the second year, design and construction and urban design are the main areas of focus.

In the third year, students can spend one semester in a partner university in Germany or abroad, or a period in professional practice, supported by tutors and exchange programmes. The final core module can be chosen freely from the range of projects offered by the departments.

In the sixth and final semester, students complete and present a Bachelor Thesis to be undertaken alongside the core module. Accompanying lectures and seminars supplement the coursework and provide related background knowledge on the topics of the core modules. The Bachelor Thesis provides an opportunity to independently examine an aspect of one of the core modules from Bachelor studies in greater detail. Students can elect to undertake a theoretical or scientific analysis of one of the core modules or to elaborate on design-specific details. If desired, the final thesis can also focus on a topic not covered in the core modules.

The standard duration of studies for the undergraduate Bachelor of Architecture study programme is six semesters. After completion and defence of the Bachelor degree, the Faculty of Architecture awards the student the academic degree of »Bachelor of Science« (B. Sc.).


How do I apply for admission to the bachelor’s degree programme in Architecture?

To gain admission to the bachelor’s degree programme in Architecture, candidates must have a general university entrance qualification or equivalent certificate (e.g. high school diploma, A-levels, etc.). Candidates must also pass a two-part aptitude assessment test administered by the university to ensure that the candidate possesses specific academic skills required for the study of Architecture. In addition to considering the average grade of your university entrance qualification, the admissions board evaluates your creative ability, constructive comprehension, artistic skills and spatial cognition – in short, the admissions board assesses your personal, subject-specific qualification for study.

We recommend that applicants complete an architecture-related internship of up to 12 weeks before applying. Such internships have a positive effect on the evaluation of the aptitude assessment test.

Candidates may only apply for enrolment in the winter semester.

Please consider that the B.Sc. Architecture is in German language. A proof of sufficient language proficiency for university study in Germany (DSH-2 or TestDaF TDN 4) will be required.

Application to participate in the aptitude assessment test

Please include the following with your application:

  • Your solution to the questions which assess creative ability and constructive comprehension (download in June 2018)
  • The online application form, completed and signed
  • CV in tabular form with photo
  • Letter of motivation, max. 1 page (DIN A4), describing your academic and professional goals
  • Certified copy of your university entrance qualification (translated in German)
  • Details regarding your prior education, particularly any preparation you have made for university study (in list form with certificates/references if possible; no portfolios please!)
  • For international applicants: Proof of sufficient language proficiency for university study in Germany (DSH-2 or TestDaF TDN 4) - needs to be sent with application
  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope (size DIN A4)

Submissions by fax or e-mail are not accepted.  

Please send all required application materials by post to:

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Dekanat der Fakultät Architektur
-Bachelor Architektur-
D-99421 Weimar (Germany)

Application deadline

The application deadline for participation in the next aptitude assessment test is 15 July, which means the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar must receive all of your documents by 15 July at the latest, regardless of the postmark.

Aptitude assessment procedures

The two-part aptitude assessment test is comprised of the general university entrance qualification and an examination of the candidate’s subject-specific aptitude. Candidates fulfil the subject-specific prerequisites by attaining a total score of 60 out of 100 possible points. The candidates must achieve more than 35 points in the first part of the test to be allowed to participate in the second part.

Part 1

Candidates are only eligible for the aptitude assessment test if all the application documents are complete and submitted on time. Therefore, please apply early! In this first part, candidates are assessed as follows: 

  • Average mark of the university entrance examination worth 51 %
  • Application letter, letter of motivation and CV worth 4 %
  • Subject-specific professional training or practical experience worth 5 %
  • Your solution to the questions which assess creative ability and constructive comprehension worth 15 %

Part 2

The second part of the aptitude assessment test takes place in Weimar sometime during the second half of July. Your physical presence is necessary to participate. Shortly after passing the first part of the test, you will be invited to Weimar to take the second part in the final weeks of July. At this session, the candidates are assessed as follows:

  • Assessment of artistic ability and spatial cognition worth 15 % (the test questions are provided at the beginning of the test)
  • Personal interview about your career outlook and personal professional qualifications worth 10 %

In cases of hardship or unusual circumstances, an alternative test date or test question can be arranged.
Candidates, who do not reside in Germany, can request to have the test questions sent by e-mail to them, which must be completed and returned by a certain date.


Students may only enrol in the bachelor’s degree programme in Architecture after passing the aptitude assessment test. The assessment results are sent to the candidates shortly after the second part of the test is completed. The assessment is valid only for the academic year for which the candidate has applied for enrolment.

If you have passed the aptitude assessment test, please send the following documents to the Student Office:

  • Notification confirming that you have passed the aptitude assessment test
  • Confirmation of valid health insurance cover along with the corresponding registration form from the health insurance provider
  • Copy of transfer statement confirming payment of the semester contribution
  • Confirmation of de-registration if you have already commenced study at another university


Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 15
99423 Weimar

Enrolment deadline
The enrolment period ends on 30 September each year. After you have officially enrolled, the Student Office will send you a package of relevant information and study materials. For more information about enrolment, click

And after my bachelor study?

And after my bachelor study?

During your studies for the Bachelor of Science in Architecture, you will learn to draw up architectural designs, concepts and studies. Through practical work in the field and in the context of architectural offices you will gain an insight into the responsibilities of the architect for the environment and society and with respect to history and the client. As part of your studies, you will also learn how to apply your basic knowledge to other fields such as public relations, the social sciences and art.

If you are interested in continuing your education with a more in-depth qualification, your bachelor’s degree enables you to embark on a Master’s degree programme leading to a further or vocational qualification. According to the rules of the German Federal Chamber of Architects, graduates are entitled to enrol in the registry of architects and to bear the professional designation as an architect only after successfully completing a relevant Master’s degree and demonstrating sufficient practical experience (typically two years). An ideal means of obtaining this qualification is to continue your studies with our consecutive Master’s Degree in Architecture.