Research Group Urban Heritage

Urban Heritage and Sustainable Conservation in Uganda. The Case of Kampala

Moses Katarega

Uganda’s urban heritage is rich and diverse.  It comprises of monuments, historical urban area, open spaces, unique architecture such as the “ Ganda construction techniques and  buildings of cultural importance among others. Most of which are either not known or given less protection. The research focusing on Kampala as the study area, will try;
1. To find out places, objects, space that is important to Kampala residents due to their historical, cultural and memory attachment in the urban environs.
2. To find out what laws are in place to guide, preserve and protect this heritage for the current as well as the future heritage and how they can be implemented, ratified or reviewed.
3. To try to find the different parties that this urban heritage belongs to and have a stake in its conservation.
4. To assess the current urban heritage situation in Kampala.