Studying in Weimar

One can attain an overview of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the city easily even though they are not necessarily small. One can study here far away from the hectic atmosphere of the big city. Everything can be reached quickly in Weimar as it is a pedestrian-friendly city. It is worth noting that Weimar is well connected by train. Weimar-Berlin: approx. 3 h, Weimar-Munich: approx. 5 h, Weimar-Frankfurt/Main: ca. 2.5 h, Weimar-Hamburg: approx. 4 h.

Weimar offers a vast cultural landscape: Theaters, museums, art exhibitions, galeries and not least student projects shape it. Studying in Weimar is more than just taking courses - just like Goethe and Schiller did, you will study art, culture and life.

Accommodation in Weimar

Weimar offers plenty of rooms and flats. Additionally, student accomodation is offered in 10 dormitories by Studierendenwerk Thüringen (student welfare services). You will have your choice between different living arrangements, room sizes and equipment. Most residences are equipped with internet connection in all rooms. Find more information on student accomodation on the pages of Studierendenwerk . For private rentals have a look at the university's online Piazza message board


Unfortunately, the Institute for European Urban Studies does not award scholarships. International students are adviced to refer to foundations in their home countries or the local branch of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

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