Research Group Urban Heritage

Urban Transformation Processes in the East of Leipzig - Participative Planning & Civic Engagement for the Preservation & Regeneration of Wilhelminian Style Quarters

Laura Torreiter

In my PhD project I address the question how the regeneration process of the
historical districts in the eastern quarters of the City of Leipzig, Germany, is being
carried out. The study focuses on the development of the built environment and
alterations of the historical houses, as well as on the changes of the ownership and
inhabitant structure throughout the phases of history of the districts. I analyze the
different concepts of the city administration and the state, which have been
implemented in the wilhelminian era, in the times of the GDR and since the
reunification. Projects of private actors will also be taken into account. Furthermore, I want to estimate the chances for participation and the contribution of house owners and inhabitants in the process of regeneration as well as to find out, why certain
approaches have been unsuccessful, which concepts are appropriate to upgrade the building structure and which of them likewise take the needs of the inhabitants into consideration.