Dissertation Projects

Doctorate Research Projects in the German-Argenintian Doctorate Training Group Urban and Regional Research (SRF)

Argañaraz, Cecilia Magdalena
Waters and city in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca (XIX-XX centuries). (Social conflicts, assemblages, spatial transformations and relationships between people and water.)

Boccolini, Sara
Urban Micro Densification as Sustainable Strategy on City Renewal and response to new domestic space in the XXI Century

Deon, Ulises Joaquín
Water and Land Use Conflicts in Sierras Chicas, Córdoba. Social conflicts in the basins management

Fank, Lucía
Social conflicts and disputes about urban land in Patagonia Austral. Urban Expansion processes and irregular settlements in intermediate cities of the region.

Grezzi, Carlos Romero
The urban Complexity and its effects in the Production of public space. The place as an analysis category

Jimena, Mónica
Transference of urban models of planning to mountain resort

Kirschenmann, Christian 
Towards a new Concept of Gentrification from a Latin American Perspective – Socio-spatial transformation processes in Buenos Aires

Miranda, Augustin
Innerstädtische Umsiedlungen: Untersuchung ihrer räumlichen und sozialen Auswirkungen für die Stadtentwicklung und Planung am Beispiel der Siedlungen "Barrio-Ciudad" in Cordoba, Argentinien

Pereyra, Ailen Suyai
Urban transformations, continuities in neighborhoods Alberdi and Guernes (2000-2014)

Terreno, Cristian
Urban Growth of Cities and Towns in the Metropolitan Area of Córdoba: Actors, Urban Extensions and Sustainability

Torres, César
The Territory of the Central Dairy Basin of the Argentinian Republic as a Cultural Landscape: a construction from planning and transdiscipline.

Vidosa, Regina
Industrial Organization and Territory. Trans nationalization of the Argentinian automotive sector in the regional context of MERCOSUR.  The experience of the metropolitan areas of Buenos Aires and Cordoba in the 2003-2012 period

Doctorate Research Projects in the Research Group Urban Heritage

Camara, Alexandra Rebello
Heterotopias and ICT-mediated Participatory Design in Urban Planning

Foka, Zinovia
From a 'divided' to a 'shared' city: healing the trauma in Nicosia, Cyprus

Xjimenez, Carlos Enrique Leon
Artistic and activist strategies as critical space practice: Social and cultural protest confronting the Lima historical center in the neoliberal era (1992-2015)

Kanus-Sieber, Katrin
Heritage Preservation in Shrinking Cities: Urban heritage preservation and revitalization of historic city centers in Saxony-Anhalt, process documentation and evaluation"

Katerega, Moses
Urban heritage and sustainable conservation in Uganda. The case of Kampala

Mandic, Srdjan
Industrial Heritage Sites in Post-Socialist Serbia: Between Manufacturing the Past and Constructing the Future

Müller-Shahbazi, Leila
Analysis of different approaches for design in historic fabrics, case study: Historic center of Tehran

Sung, Younkyoung
Cultural Heritage Policies of Germany and South Korea in Comparison: Urban Perspectives

Torreiter, Laura
Urban Transformation Processes in the East of Leipzig - Participative Planning & Civic Engagement for the Preservation & Regeneration of Wilhelminian Style Quarters

Doctorate Research Projects in the International Doctorate Programme European Urban Studies (IPP-EU)

Adigüzel, Mete
Reconceptualization of housing policies: a comparison study of social housing between Turkey and Germany

Akan, Sümeyye
Die fehlende Analogie der Moderne zwischen Ost- und Westland im frühen 20. Jahrhundert - ein interkultureller Vergleich

Aman, Aisha
Cinematically Dramatized Cities: Influence of movies on urban spaces, in global context  

Arboleda Gámez, Pablo 
Heritagisation as social criticism: The case of unfinished public wordks in Sicily

Birkholz, Marie Luise
Representation on pavement – about ideological implications of inner-city pavement

El-Azzazy, Mohamed
Modernizing Cairo between Western Influence and Local Interpretations: A Historical study of the Architectural and Urban Development of El-Zamalek

Giza, Melanie
Qualitative network analysis of a subcultural scene in Leipzig East

Grüter-Bîrgăoanu, Simona
The Vernacular Dimension of Contemporary Housing in Romania

HU, Qingzhao
A Comparison Study on the Relationship between Urban Structures and Consumer Behaviour in E-commerce Age

Jang, You Jin
Urbaner Code im Alltagsraum in Seoul

Javanmardi, Leila
Urbanism and Dictatorship: a Study on Urban Planning in Contemporary History of Iran  (Second Pahlavi, 1941-1979)

Klietsch, Katrin
Der europäische Idealstadtbegriff im globalen Kontext des 21. Jahrhunderts

Lee, Si Hyo
Pyongyang of North Korean capital in transition and for the future!

Ortiz Alvis, Alfredo
The role of fear in housing election: analysis of the influence of evil imaginaries on the context of the contemporary Latin American city. The Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara, México and the rise of Gated Communities as case study

Podlaszewska, Rizky Suci Ammalia
The New Attractive City: the rooting of place-making through urban tourism in the era of decentralization. Case study of Palembang, Indonesia.

Prehl, Susanne
Zeitgenössische Landschaftsarchitektur im Kontext der internationalen Bauaustellung
Quaas, Ingo
Planungspraxis in Kleinstädten: Fallstudie Thüringen

Saha, Dibbendu
A Quest for Urban Social Spaces in Old Dhaka and its Fringe Area: A detail study on exploring the hidden dynamics fort he revival of historical city core

Shakir, Masooma
Living Heritage of Shrines in Sindh, Pakistan and its relationship to the context: Identifying elements, factors, challenges for development

Sharifi Sadeghi, Lika
Multicultural Planning: Promoting citizen participation in the diverse city - case study of Brunnenviertel, Berlin

Schindlauer, Sandra
Zum strategischen Umgang mit Obdachlosigkeit. Drei deutsche Großstädte im Vergleich
Viderman, Tihomir
Discursive planning of cities: image management and space construction

Yardimci, Sinem
A critical inquiry into the neoliberal publice space, case: gazi quarter, Instanbul