Resilient Urban Communities

Resilient Urban Communities: Social Enterprises and Nonprofits as Service Providers and Vehicles for Participation in African Megacities

The BMBF-funded collaborative project "RUC" (2021-2024) explores how social enterprises contribute to the resilience of marginalized neighborhoods in Johannesburg, South Africa. The interdisciplinary consortium comprises researchers from WITS University Johannesburg, University of Münster, University of Applied science Frankfurt, and Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.
The project contains three components: research, networking, and education. It refers to the main topics "local government," "good governance," and "promotion of the right to the city, particularly for marginalized groups." RUC aims to contribute to expanding the knowledge base on African cities and strengthening their resilience.
The project addresses the SDGs "sustainable cities and communities (11)" and "quality education (4)."