Published: 01 April 2023


Iuliia Osintseva, Martin Bielik and Sven Schneider introduced students from EiABC Addis Ababa to Parametric Urban Design.

In March 2023, Iuliia Osintseva, Martin Bielik and Sven Schneider gave a 2-week workshop on parametric urban design at the Ethiopian Institute for Architecture, Building Construction and City Development (EiABC). The workshop took place in our joint lab, the Emerging City Lab Addis Ababa (ECL-AA). More than 15 architectural and urban design students took part in the workshop. They learned the basics in parametric modelling and created an own parametric urban typology. The students applied this parametric urban typology to an urban site in Addis Abeba, created different variants for this site and analysed their floor area and solar access.

The workshop was funded by the ERASMUS+ programme.