Shimin Huang M.Sc.

Research Assistant / Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin


Due to Covid-19, I will be working from home from 16.03.2020 onwards. However free feel to contact me via Email or my cell phone: +49(0)15146887732.

Working Hour / Sprechzeiten: Mo.-Fr. 08:30-12:30

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99423 Weimar

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Current in plan:


Semester Project:

Hotel and Regional development concept for the historic capital of Meuse-Rhine Euroregion: Limbourg, Belgium



WiSe 2019/20

Real Estate Development (Seminar)

Educational Architecture: Insight Innovation Inspiration (Project Preparation Seminar) See below

SoSe 2019

Semester Project: Bauhaus Zone Beijing (Project)

WiSe 2018/19

Real Estate Development (Seminar)



WiSe 2019/20 | LP: 6 SWS: 4 | Schedule:Every Wednesday 09:15-10:45 (the first seminar starts on 16.10.2019) | Room see notification

Responsible: Shimin Huang M. Sc.

Offer to: Master IUDD, Master Architektur, Media Architecture, Erasmus 


In next summer semester 2020, we will offer an innovative architecture design and development project in the metropolis of Shenzhen, which aims at creating cutting-edge spaces for educational institution, research center and will be constructed in real scale. Considering the complexity of the construction regulations and the intricacy of multi-cultural settings, in this winter semester, we therefore offer a preparation seminar to this future semester project.

Aiming at exploring insight of innovation and hunting for the inspiration, this seminar consists of 3 modules:

a)     Academic Discussion of developing an innovative locality for creative milieus along with up-to-date construction technologies such as passive architecture, zero carbon architecture and prefabricated building. This module invites an open discussion about the essential and required criteria for creating an innovative space which is simultaneously inspiring the users as well as the state-of-the-art case studies.

b)    Empirical Dialogue of Chinese real estate market and project development as well as architecture construction regulations. This module offers an overview of the practical project development in China and therefore it will prepare your design closely and accordingly to the china’s building code in conjunction with the local urban governance.

c)     Culture exchange. When west meets east, there are many differences, contrasts need to be mediated. This module introduces a basic insight of Chinese culture which allows your design contextualizes into local climates and settings.

These 3 modules stimulate the synergy of producing a convincing architectural design scheme which fits into the current market niche.

Through this seminar, you will be professionally prepared both academically and culturally to the project and the excursion to Shenzhen in the summer semester 2020.