Newsletter 13.2020

1. Library news: contact detail registration by thoska

As of September 21st 2020 the University Library is able to register visitors‘ contact details using the thoska. We ask all library visitors to register their entry and exit at the provided terminal. Please make especially sure to register your exit so as to avoid blocking available workspaces. Filling in the contact form is no longer necessary. This procedure will become available to guest visitors only gradually; guests whose thoska is not yet registered for the procedure are requested to pick up a temporary card from the circulation desk and to fill in a contact form. As this system also serves to count visitors, our website displays the current number of free workspaces in the library.

2. The Branch Library Building Materials / Natural Sciences is moving

The branch library Building materials / Natural sciences has largely finished moving to the main library at Steubenstrasse. 67 currently running journals and their associated roughly 5,000 bound volumes as well as around 15,000 books have arrived at their new location over the recent days. The moving company and many helpers in the library have put in a lot of work, and all books and journals are available for use again.Shortly before its 50 year anniversary the branch library closed permanently due to renovation work on September 18th 2020. The branch librarians will move into their new offices at Steubenstrasse from September 28th.

3. »Artfilms digital« available across campus

»Artfilms Digital« is a video streaming service offered by Contemporary Arts Media. From within the university network about 2,100 videos can be accessed until March 31st 2021. The online service provides mostly English language films, documentaries and interviews covering a wide range of topics.
To access the service from outside the university network, a VPN connection is required.

4. »BGL – Baugeräteliste« - new database licensed

As of September, the database »BGL – Baugeräteliste« is licensed to the University Library and may be accessed from across campus. It contains technical and economic data on construction equipment and offers methods to research 24 categories of equipment.
To access the service from outside the university network, a VPN connection is required.

Stefanie Röhl