Proof of English-language competence

If you are unable to provide proof of your English-language competence using the options described ere, you will need to take an online test. 

First, you must collect a CODE from one of the following members of the English staff during their regular office hours: 

Howard Atkinson: Thursday 1100-1200
Hakan Fink: Wednesday 1130-1230
Dr. Susanne Kirchmeyer:Monday 1000 - 1100
Dr. Daphne Seemann: Thursday 1300-1400
Dr. Elizabeth Watts:Thursday  1330-1430

You must then use this code to take an online test at MyEnglishLab.  Please note that, in order to take this test, which will take approx. 30 minutes, you will require access to a laptop/computer with a microphone function. Upon completion of the online test, you will automatically be given a result, which you must print out.

You must then make an appointment with a member of staff, using the following links and/or times:

Howard Atkinson | Registration
Hakan Fink | Registration
Dr. Susanne Kirchmeyer: Monday 1000 - 1100
Dr. Daphne Seemann | Registration
Dr. Elizabeth Watts | Registration

Please bring the print-out of your test result to the resepctive member of staff. You must also be prepared for a brief interview in English in order to confirm the authenticity of your result.

If successful, you will have your result transferred to a DAAD certificate. Please bring a copy of a DAAD certificate (available at  to the appointment with your personal details already filled in.

For a DAAD certificate in English
1. obtain an access code for the online test from one of the staff members for English,
2. do the online test,
3. print out the test result, and
4. show the test result to one of the staff members for English.

A printout explanation of the whole procedure is available here.