icebauhaus is the German node within the international, interdisciplinary open innovation network "ice" (short for: Innovation - Collaboration - Entrepreneurship). To meet the rapidly increasing need in Africa for low-cost, energy and environmentally friendly technologies, icebauhaus aims at building and realising networking potentials among business and university partners in Germany as well as in Africa.

Through creating durable cross-continental University and industry linkages in the growing green economic area, partners in icebauhaus aim to become the one-stop-shop for green technology research and development for Africa in Germany by establishing an interdisciplinary oriented and multipartner innovation platform. The overall objective being to stimulate research & development, as well as the local private sector in low-income markets in Africa in order to improve the livelihood of low income people.

Through building an extensive network of private and public partners in Germany, the European Union and in Africa, icebauhaus can effectively pool resources in terms of research skills, knowledge, technology transfer capacities as well as public and private investment. 

icebauhaus achieves this through the following set of activities:

  • Intensify communication and collaboration between academics in Africa and Germany to improve mutual learning from the others' context, on faculty as well as student level
  • Transfer technology & knowledge from academia to the private sector for improved environmental sustainability of commercial projects on the ground
  • Channel start-up funding and professional expertise to grow viable innovative green technologies within the African context
  • Introduce new, more efficient open and collaborative formats of innovation, production and marketing. Better connect creative workers & artists with technologists, PR- & business strategists to develop new models and networks for the local creative industries
  • Organize international tech-community events & online collaboration spaces and thereby create infrastructure through which unconventional ideas from diverse backgrounds can connect and grow.

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