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Urban Conflicts Podcast | Conflicts on Abandoned Space


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Jun. Prof. Daniela Zupan, Arnisa Halili

Gytis Nakvosas Cecilio Pedro Secunza Schott

Jun. Prof. Daniela Zupan

Architektur und Urbanistik

European Urban Studies (englischsprachig) (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Art der Präsentation
– Sonstiges –

Sommersemester 2020


"Urban Conflicts" is a podcast by Master students of the study programs European Urban Studies and Integrated Urban Development and Design with the support of Jun. Prof. Daniela Zupan. The aim of our podcast is to reflect on current urban conflicts and to identify challenges but also the potential of urban conflicts for urban planning. Urban conflicts are promising entry points to engage with topical trends and challenges in contemporary cities, such as the crisis of democracy and neoliberal city-making, urban identities or urban heritage. Within the seminar “Urban Conflicts” of Jun. Prof. Daniela Zupan, students were invited to delve into the socio-political and economic processes and power arrangements that shape contemporary city-making. Together, we focused on conflicts around urban (re-)development projects in different European cities and beyond – including Istanbul, Jena, Hoi An, Tirana, Vilnius, Zagreb or Zhoushan. The selected conflicts of the students were so fascinating that, despite the challenging online - communication, there were many discussions. This led us to the idea of sharing our reflections on these conflicts with the public through a podcast project. The first episode is a conversation with Daniela Zupan, who introduces us to the topic of Urban Conflicts. In the following episodes, the students will concentrate on Conflicts on Abandoned Spaces, Heritage and Identity Conflicts, as well as Urban Activism and Authoritarian Practices within Conflicts.

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