summaery2022: Projekte

Fostering Rural Development through Tourism with Agricultural Experience


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Irem Calisir

Renata Shaikhutdinova, Dicle Varsak, Irem Calisir

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Nentwig, M.Sc. Shimin Huang

Architektur und Urbanistik

Integrated Urban Development and Design (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Art der Präsentation

Sommersemester 2021

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  • – Sonstiges –
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Landratsamt Gotha - Amt für Bauverwaltung und Kreisentwicklung, Die Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Fahner Höhe, Gierstädt, Die Stadt Friedrichroda, Die Gemeinde Bad Tabarz


This semester project is based on the EU missions 2021 and aims to develop future urban solutions for a more inclusive, healthier, and smarter state of Thuringia. Taking the current urban development challenges into consideration, the rural district of Gotha (Landkreis Gotha) has been taken as a pioneer region. The project area is located in Fahner Höhe and focuses on the urban transformation of a traditional fruit production area. Having done research on urban morphology and understood the needs of the residents as well as the employees in Gierstädt, the project presents a design proposals for intensifying the local agriculture development in fruits farming and distribution.

The main idea of the project is to ensure the development of the economy, rural society and agricultural environment by using the agricultural experience. Our first purpose is to improve livelihoods of the people across the city by developing integrated tourism infrastructure, increasing tourism activities and products, generating employment in the rural town enhancing inclusiveness of the deprived community and spreading the benefits of tourism to the grassroots level. The project benefits from agricultural experience to achieve economic development by creating economic diversity; foster agricultural development by creating new job opportunities in the sector and support rural societal development through cultural and economic exchange.

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