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WeiBot - Robots in the Wild


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Beril Coskun

Laura Simon, Mira Selene Carlotta Thieme, Hasina Arab, Ibrahim Mammadov

Britta Schulte, Philipp Graf, Eva Hornecker


Human-Computer Interaction (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Art der Präsentation

Sommersemester 2021


“Hey there! Could you blow on me so that I can cool down?”

Say "Hi" to WeiBot. A robot with which we would like to find out something about intimacy with robots in public.

With the rapid development of technology, robots are starting to surround us everywhere in various fields - especially the impact of Covid-19 has brought them from factory to the forefront. We created the WeiBot to observe the interaction between humans and robots in the public area of the Weimarhallenpark. The focus of the interaction here is a non-anthropomorphic robot: that is a robot that is not evoking attribution of human characteristics. People will be called by a robot sitting on a bench and asked to carry out a series of actions that can be perceived as intimate - or maybe not? This unusual approach will be observed and combined with a subsequent interview with participants. The public aspect sets an out-of-the-private environment for people to behave and interact while considering their surroundings and social norms.

During the research process, we have discovered current existing studies with robots out there, built up a meaning of public and the sketches of our iterated ideas led to the current design. In our poster we present the development of our study design and the robot prototype.

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