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Buffeting wind response in bridge engineering

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Malik Muhammad Ahmad

Daniel Agudelo Gómez, Neha Joshi, Le Ba Tung

Prof. Dr. Guido Morgenthal,Msc. Victor Vilceanu


Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering (NHRE) (englischsprachig) (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Art der Präsentation

Sommersemester 2021

Institute for Modelling and Simulation of structures


The project consists of an overview of the wind phenomenon which causes turbulent forces in the design of bridges, which is referred to as buffeting response. Furthermore, a case study is shown with computational simulations for this phenomenon and its comparison with the traditional wind tunnel test. For the numerical simulation, a CFD solver called Vxflow was employed and for the Wind tunnel experiment, a scaled model of the bridge was built to examine the response of the model under a man-made turbulence wind field in another laboratory. The results consist of the data obtained from the analyses of the cross sections with and without wind barrier.

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