summaery2021: Projekte

Type & Feminisms Publication


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S. Schwarz

Emily Grawitter, Leoni Hommel, Johanna Mehner, Hannah Röbisch, Lina Unger

Prof. Stefanie Schwarz

Kunst und Gestaltung

Visuelle Kommunikation (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.))

Art der Präsentation

Sommersemester 2021

Lucia Verlag


How can typography and type design convey feminist ideas and concepts? This questions lead us through the course »Type & Feminisms« during winter semester 2020/21. The first phase of the semester was marked by research and discussion about historic and current feminisms. While doing so different positions have been worked out and a wide range of feminist subjects and issues were identified that are dealing with gender identities, gender roles, body image, self-determination and empowerment, feminist pornography, gender-neutral language, cyberfeminism, queer feminism, pop feminism, up to the question if a universal basic income could lead us towards a feminist revolution. Based on this research, type designs and posters have been conceived. Also typographic details, like the gender star (asterisk to make gender-specific nouns gender-neutral) and similar characters used for the same purpose, have been analysed and new alternatives designed.

During summer semester 2021 the results of this class have been gathered and translated into a publication that bundles 17 feminist typefaces and gives insights into the concepts and ideas behind. The release of the book is planned for 25 September in collaboration with Lucia Verlag.

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