* Electives can be selected from the Computer Science for Digital Media/Computer Science and Media course and seminar offerings, advanced English courses and other courses from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

The Module index and descriptions of the Computer Science for Digital Media Master's program (since summer semester 2017) can be fund here.

Modulkatalog Master PV 11 (ab WS 2011/2012)

Zum Modulkatalog PV 29 (ab WS 2009/2010 bis SS 2011)
Zum Modulkatalog PV 25 (ab WS 2005/2006 bis SS 2009) 

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Course Modeling Distributed & Secure IS Intelligent IS Interactive IS WS SS
Advanced Analysis        
Advanced HCI: Theory and Methods        
Advanced HCI: Ubiquitous Computing      
Advanced Numerical Mathematics        
Cognitive Systems        
Computer Graphics II: Computer Animation        
Computer Graphics II: Fundamentals of Imaging      
Cryptographic Hash Functions        
Digital Watermarking & Steganography      
Discrete Optimization        
Dynamical Systems        
Geographic Information Systems          
Image Analysis and Object Recognition        
Introduction to Machine Learning        
Mobile Information Systems        
Number Theory        
Online Computation        
Photogrammetric Computer Vision          
Randomized Algorithms        
Real-Time Rendering        
Search Algorithms      
Secure Channels        
Software Development for Safe and Secure Systems      
Usability Engineering        
Virtual Reality        
Web Search and Information Retrieval