Geschichte der Wahrnehmung

Seminar im SS19, Sigrid Leyssen

Zeit: Dienstag, 17:00 bis 18:30 Uhr. 

Ort: Bauhausstraße 11, Seminarraum 014

Beschreibung: The thesis that our perception has a history has long been one of Media Studies’ central themes. In this seminar, we investigate this thesis of the historicity of perception anew by situating it in different places were human perception has been investigated. We explore different case studies in the history of perception research and its media: in physiology and psychology, but also in artistic research, architecture or design. For each case we analyse the experimental setting or research design, the material culture and the specific perceptual practices. In this way we investigate how the research contexts of perception changed and how also the perception that was investigated became something very different. Through these different case studies, we examine what it could mean that our perception obtained a history.

The seminar will be offered in English. In the framework of the Bauhaus semester SoSe2019, this seminar is open for all faculties, and is explicitly welcoming students from Media Informatics, Art and Design, and Media Architecture that are interested in the history of perception.

Apart from regular presence, regular readings and participation in discussions, the prerequisites for this course are an interest to explore the intersection of theoretical and experimental knowledge, an investigative use of your senses, and an openness to encounter new perceptions.