Digitallaut - Reading the Digital

Is there a Canon of Digitization?

What are the ideas, theories and concepts suitable to understand the so called digitization? Where to turn and what to read when trying to tackle what constitutes digital media, their dynamics, their effects and their history?

For those interested in the theory and history of media there is no canon of the essential readings on digital media and digitization.

The Digitallaut Podcast aims to provide such a resource. Instead of compiling and editing a canonical set of texts Digitallaut joins thinkers and writers engaged in studying digital media for a conversation about the texts they deem as essential readings.

Each episode features one author introducing their chosen reading, explaining the key terms and concepts and its contribution to the understanding of digitization. In each episodes shownote Digitallaut provides a link to the text discussed and suggestions for further readings.

Digitallaut is brought to you by Christoph Engemann, Postdoc Society and Digitization at the Bauhaus University Weimar.

Digitallaut airs on Bauhaus University’s Bauhaus FM (UKW 106.6 MHz) and is available on iTunes, Google Podcasts and this website.

Executive Producer: Maximilian Netter

Special thanks to AGF Antye Greie for permission to use “Letters make no meaning” in our intro

Special thanks to Studio M5 of the Professur experimentelles Radio Bauhaus Universität Weimar

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