Erstellt: 09. November 2020

Pandemic Media: On the Governmediality of Corona Apps

Article by Christoph Engemann

“With its unprecedented scale and consequences the COVID-19 pandemic has generated a variety of new configurations of media.“

On the occasion of the project “Pandemic Media: Preliminary Notes Towards an Inventory“ Christoph Engemann, postdoc for digital transformation and society at the Bauhaus University Weimar, published his article “Pandemic Media: On the Governmediality of Corona Apps“. 

“This article investigates the debate and implementation of corona tracing apps in Europe as an example of a new form governmentality. Here the media of governing become the problem to be governed and subsequently this formation can be called governmediality. With corona apps the role of social graphs became a flashpoint for the emergence of such a governmediality. Based on a brief introduction on the history and context of social graphs, the article shows how coders, politicians, medical professionals, and hacktivists debated the effects of social graphs on individual liberties as well as on pandemic management.“

Engemann’s contribution to the volume 2020 was invited by the research group of the Graduate Research Training Program “Konfigurationen des Films“, which is funded by the “Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft“.

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