A Better Version of You – A Technology Fair

Foto: Alexander Winkelmann

After the first installment in Seoul, A BETTER VERSION OF YOU Beijing provided a showcase of global perspectives on a wide range of new applications and products that shape our present and future. For the duration of nine days, the site of the Goethe-Institute at Beijing’s 798 district was transformed into a trade show venue, hosting a display of innovative technologies, where artists and tech-developers from across the globe came together. A BETTER VERSION OF YOU provided a look into the technological agents that serve as the foundation of contemporary societies on a global scale, from self-learning machines, neural networks and ubiquitous computing, to swarm-based urban planning, personalised experiental gaming, brain-machine interfaces, precision agriculture, alternative online infrastructures and the everyday tools of the entrepreneurial self. Harnessing perspectives from China, South-Korea, Japan, USA, Russia, South-Africa and Europe, A BETTER VERSION OF YOU revealed latest advances in defining political and social technologies.

With Alex Anikina & Anton Anikin / FATE inc., Lee Bul, Alice Creischer, Maja Cule, Nolan Dennis, Tabita Rezaire, Bogosi Sekhukhuni / NTU, Simon Denny, Melanie Gilligan, Kang Jungsuck, Elena Knox & Katsumi Watanabe, Lawrence Lek / Farsight, METASITU, Replika, Andreas Siekmann, Walter Solon & Jorge Loureiro, Du Yuqing / BIV IC Group, Payne Zhu. With a showreel featuring Acxiom “audience monetization”, Cambridge Analytica “change audience behavior”, DeepMind “solve intelligence”, Sensetime “liveness detection” among others.


Nina Franz, co-initiator

Fotos: Alexander Winkelmann