Erstellt: 09. April 2019

Neue Veröffentlichung: „Neue politische Partizipation durch Begleitkommunikation?“

In dem jüngst erschienenen Band „Changing Media - Changing Democracy? Medienwandel - Wandel der Demokratie?“ sind Prof. Dr. Beate Schneider und Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christopher Buschow mit einem Beitrag vertreten.

Abstract: Political TV formats are considered as an important driving force for “Social TV.” The parallel use of social media while watching TV programs can potentially increase users’ interest in politics. Therefore, this empirical study investigates text-based communication activities, composed while watching political talk shows. The investigation focuses on the content that Social TV users publish on Twitter while watching/listening to two German political programs, “Maybrit Illner” and “Günther Jauch.” The results have been integrated into existing research – and suggest that Social TV can indeed stimulate political discourse with higher quality than that displayed in discussions on entertaining talent shows or game shows. So far, however, only a niche audience of politically interested people is involved. They are not only motivated by an exchange of information with others, but also want their own knowledge to represent them and to pursue certain rituals and routines.

Der Beitrag „Neue politische Partizipation durch Begleitkommunikation?“ kann via ResearchGate im Volltext abgerufen werden.

Schneider, B. & Buschow, C. (2019). Neue politische Partizipation durch Begleitkommunikation? Potenziale von Social TV am Beispiel politischer Talkshows [New political participation through accompanying communication? Potentials of social TV using the example of political talkshows]. In T. Eberwein & C. Wenzel (Eds.), Changing media – Changing democracy? Medienwandel - Wandel der Demokratie? (pp. 191-208). Vienna: Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.