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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Sven Bertel
Junior Professor of Usability

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Secretary's office

Sandy Resch
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Heike Becker
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Nadin Glaser (currently on maternity leave)
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Maria-Theresa Hansens (currently on maternity leave)
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Postgraduate Research & Teaching Assistants

Stefanie Wetzel, M.Sc. (Instructional Design; affiliated to the Usability Research Group; funded by BMBF / Studium.Bauhaus project)
Bauhausstraße 11 · Room 305
+49 (0)3643 - 58 3716 | Fax 3709

Student Research and/or Teaching Assistants


Christoph Halang (RA)


Johannes Hartmann (RA)


Vanessa von Jan (TA)


Anna Rack (TA/RA)


Aaron Solbach (RA)


Michel Triemer, B.Sc. (TA/RA)

Students — Theses ongoing or recently completed

Jennifer Beckmann, B.Sc.
Adaptive e-learning based on individual learning styles (=Adaptives eLearning auf Basis von Lernstilen - Entwicklung von Konzepten und Prototypen, Evaluation und Auswertung). Master's thesis. Successfully defended in 09/2013.

Jennifer Beckmann, M.Sc.
TBD (Ph.D. thesis). In preparation.

Marie Bornemann
Live cognitive load assessment during reasoning with parallel coordinate displays based on users’ eye movements and EEG signals. Bachelor's thesis. Successfully defended in 10/2015.

Jenny Chow, M.A.
TBD (Ph.D. thesis). In preparation.

Marcel Döpel
Frequencies and user profiles as bases for generating and evaluating automated route suggestions on mobile devices in pedestrian tourist navigation (=Häufigkeits- und nutzerprofilbasierte Generierung und Evaluation von Routenvorschlägen auf mobilen Geräten in touristischer Fußgängernavigation). Bachelor's thesis. Successfully defended in 09/2013.

Toni Frotscher
Face2P – Privacy, trust and distributed data in a mobile social network (=Face2P: Privatsphäre, Vertrauen und verteilte Datenhaltung in einem mobilen sozialen Netzwerk). Bachelor's thesis. Successfully defended in 04/2013.

Lene Ganschow
User support during topological placement tasks: Appropriate times for interruptions and types of hints (=Geeignete Zeitpunkte für Unterbrechungen und Hinweistypen zur Nutzerunterstützung während topologischer Platzierungsaufgaben). Bachelor's thesis. Successfully defended in 10/2014

Christoph Halang
Close-to-body virtual drum menus for music retrieval for blind users (=Körpernahe Trommelmenüs zum Music Retrieval für Blinde). Bachelor's thesis. Successfully defended in 09/2015.

Johannes Hartmann
Development and evaluation of a haptic navigation support system (=Entwicklung und Evaluierung eines haptischen Navigationsunterstützungs-systems). Bachelor's thesis. Successfully defended in 12/2014. UNIVERSITY PRIZE 2015.

Martin Horbach
Strategies for fraud prevention with smartphone-based customer loyalty cards (=Strategien zur Betrugsvermeidung bei smartphonemasierten Stempelkartensystemen). Bachelor's thesis. Successfully defended in 10/2012.

Ani Jordanowa
Mental models as psychological basis for touch-based entries (=Mentale Modelle als psychologische Grundlage von Touch-Eingaben). Bachelor's thesis. Successfully defended in 04/2012.

Tom Kohlberg
Usability of graphical pointers to point-like, off-screen objects under stress and time constraints (=Eignung von Verweisen auf punktförmige Off-Screen-Objekte unter Stress und Zeitdruck). Bachelor's thesis. Successfully defended in 04/2015.

Marcus Kossatz
Visualizing historical developments on digital maps: Costs and benefits of using animation (=Visualisierung historischer Entwicklungen auf digitalen Karten: Aufwand und Nutzen von Animation). Bachelor's thesis. Successfully defended in 09/2013.

Veronika Krauß
TBD. Master's thesis. Ongoing.

Hans-Ulrich Lutter
Design and evaluation of a decision support system for choosing supplementary health insurance (=Konzeption und Evaluierung eines entscheidungsunterstützenden Systems am Beispiel der Produktsparte Krankenzusatzversicherungen). Bachelor’s thesis. Successfully defended in 08/2014.

Michael Pannier, B. Sc.
Developing an interactive museum installation for a local museum (Master’s thesis; advised jointly with Eva Hornecker). Successfully defended in 05/2015.

Jonas Pencke, B. Sc.
A Framework for Mobile Offline Context Classification and Recognition (Master's thesis). Successfully defended in 08/2014.

Oana-Iuliana Popescu
Design and evaluation of a user interface for stress propagation models for bridge bearings (Bachelor's thesis). Ongoing.

Joatan Preis Dutra, M. Sc.
Cultural heritage on mobile devices: an analysis about the collaborative relations
and dynamics between the content promoters and users
 (PhD thesis; advised in cooperation with Prof. Jens Geelhaar)

Anna Rack
LICHTJÄGER: Eine kindgerechte spielerische mobile Anwendung für die Erkundung des stäsdtischen Umfelds im Touristenkontext (Bachelor's thesis). Ongoing.

Juliane Reschke
Eye movement tracking on iOS (Bachelor's thesis). Successfully defended in 03/2014.

Heinrich Schilling
Eye tracking for reactive interfaces (=Eyetracking im Kontext reaktiver Interfaces). Bachelor's thesis. Successfully defended in 10/2012.

Maximilian Schirmer, M. Sc.
Energy-aware mobile context recognition (Ph.D. thesis). Ongoing.

Simon Schneegans
Pie menus – Design and evaluation of novel approaches (=Pie Menüs: Entwicklung und Evaluierung neuer Ansätze(Bachelor's thesis). Sucessfully defended with distinctions in 09/2012. UNIVERSITY PRIZE 2013

Claudia Sichting
Visual metaphors on mobile devices for pointing to edges of extended off-screen objects during natural catastrophe management (=Zeigemetaphern für bildschirmferne Objektkanten auf Karten in mobilen Geräten bei Naturkatastrophen). Bachelor's thesis. Successfully defended in 09/2013.

Katharina Spiel, B. A.
Out of Sight: Game Development Without a Visual Interface (Bachelor's thesis). Successfully defended in 10/2012.

Katharina Spiel, B. Sc., B. A.
Frames and Lenses: Framing Gameplay Experience in Games with Eye Movement Based Adaptation (Master's thesis). Successfully defended in 11/2014.

Stefanie Wetzel, B. Sc.
Can eye movements reveal cognitive load? Parallel coordinates -- Establishing a cognitive load measure for information visualizations (Master's thesis). Successfully defended in 10/2014.

Stefanie Wetzel, M.Sc.
Rotate it! An adaptive training of students' spatial skills (Ph.D. thesis). In preparation.

Former Postgraduate Research & Teaching Assistants

Maximilian Schirmer, M.Sc.

Dipl.-Wirt.-Inform. Felix Alcala

Former Student Research and/or Teaching Assistants

Anna Beyer (TA/RA)

Jakob Gomoll (TA/RA)

Adrian Kreskowski (TA)

Patrick Oscity (TA)

Michael Pannier (RA)

Andreas Schädler (Web)

Martin Triebel (TA)

Clemens Wegener (Web)

Stefanie Wetzel (RA)