(Inter)Facing Cognition

Psychophysiological research for Usability and HCI

The emphasis of our work is to carry out basic scientific research with a strong connection to application- and user-oriented aspects. We focus the development of cognition-aware systems that incorporate physiological signals of various types, including (but not limited to) pupil size changes, skin conductance responses and EEG oscillations. Such measures are usually applied to determine cognitive and affective dispositions or enable systems to adapt to user states. Among other issues, we aim to evaluate whether and under which conditions physiologic activity can be influenced by high-level cognition. The opportunity of controlling bodily activations - apart from any health aspects - may offer new input channels in human-computer interaction.

To find out more about the projects we are currently engaged in, click here. Several projects provide the opportunity to participate in the form of a thesis. Please contact us via email for any request concerning assistance or cooperation.

Below you find a compilation of ongoing and recently completed bachelor and master theses. 

Jawad Ahmed, M.Sc.: Determining Cognitive and Affective Load during Smart Phone Usage.

Akella Sri Harsha, M.Sc.: Head-Eye-Tracking Applications in Gaming Scenarios.

Arup Mazumder, M.Sc.: Eye-swiping.

Ruxin Zhang, M.Sc.: Sham Feedback during Assessment Processes.

Mohammad Ehtesham Uddin Chowdhury Sajed, M.Sc.: Pupil-based Lie Detection.

Jenny Duffka, B.Sc.: Motorische Rhythmusleistungen als Maß Mentaler Belastung.

Thi Yen Nguyen, M.Sc.: Head-Eye-Pupil.

Darpan Vats, M.Sc.: Study of Digital Data Exchange Interaction Design For Facility Management (First referee: Prof. Florian Echtler) (Defense: 02/12/20)

Christian Dunkel, B.Sc.: LSML: Generating Spoken Lectures From Scripts (First referee: Prof. Benno Stein) (Defense: 16/11/20)

Laura Simon, B.Sc.: Augen lügen nicht - Der Einsatz von Augenfolgebewegungen und Pupillendynamiken zur Messung kognitiver Belastung (Defense: 02/11/20)

Dang Thi Hoang Yen, M.Sc.: A practical approach for thumb-to-index interaction as input for ubiquitous screens (Defense: 27/10/20)

Xiaoni Cai, B.Sc.: Building Complex Queries in Conversational Search (First referee: Prof. Benno Stein) (Defense: 12/10/20)

Nancy Abdelzaher, M.Sc.: Computational and Empirical Evaluation of a Competition Entry (First referee: Prof. Sven Schneider) (Defense: 29/09/20)

Christopher Heiden, M.Sc.: Development of an Augmented Accessory for Nightlife. In collaboration with Prof. Johann Habakuk Israel (HTW Berlin) (Defense: 23/09/20)

Maximilian Margraf, B.Sc.: BumpCast: Peer to peer communication between mobile devices (First referee: Jun.-Prof. Dr. F. Echtler) (Defense: 28/08/20)

Koktsidou, Evangelia Eirini, M.Sc.: Escape from Bauhaus (Defense: 06/08/20)

Erich Flock, M.Sc.: Train & Touch. A Mobile Application that uses Real-time Face Tracking to Move the Content on the Screen. (First Referee: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Florian Echtler) (Defense: 06/07/20)

Muzaffar Ali, M.Sc.: Usability testing of the Bauhaus University Website (Defense: 29/04/20)

Trautner, Lukas, B.Sc.: Exploiting Argumentation Knowledge Graphs for Argument Generation. (First referee: Prof. Dr. B. Stein) (Defense: 30/03/20)

Tanveer Al Jami, M.Sc.: The Affective Pupil (Defense: 09/03/20)

Roth, Josef, B.Sc.: TempoWatch: A Wearable Music Control Interface for Dance Instructors (First referee: Jun.-Prof. Dr. F. Echtler) (Defense: 12/03/20)

Manuel Willem, B.Sc.: Konzeption und prototypische Implementierung einer Systemmigration auf das Bootstrap-Framework. In collaboration with the brain-SCC GmbH (Defense: 21/01/20)

Mohammad Izabul Khaled, M.Sc.: Classyfing Induced Pupil Dilations (Defense: 13/12/19)

Neeta Khanuja, M.Sc.: Designing Way-finding and Environmental Learning Tool for People with Mild to Moderate Dementia. In collaboration with the School of Architecture and Planning, University of Buffalo, USA (Defense: 20/08/19)

Lynn Hoff, M.Sc.: Exploring Mechanisms of Action in Biofeedback Applications (Defense: 19/08/19)

Pauline Bimberg, M.Sc.: Joint Navigation of Spatially Distributed Partners in Immersive Virtual Environments (First referee: Prof. Dr. B. Fröhlich) (Defense: 06/08/19)

Annika Meinecke, M.Sc.: Applied Pupillometry - Inducing Pupil Size Changes in Noisy Environments (Defense: 27/06/19)

Sunjay Shalawadi, M.Sc.: Exploring and Evaluating Inter Modal Interfaces using Pneumatics (First referee: Prof. Dr. E. Hornecker) (Defense: 11/06/19)

Asif Iqbal, M.Sc.: Privacy Aspect of Human Behaviour on the Internet (First referee: PD Dr. A, Jakoby) (Defense: 28/03/19)

Ibni Amin, M.Sc.: Investigating spatial impact on user experience of interactive media facades. (First referee: Prof. Dr. E. Hornecker) (Defense: 12/03/19)

Hauke Sandhaus, M.Sc.: An Ambient Display for Feedforward Information in Autonomous Vehicles. (First referee: Prof. Dr. E. Hornecker). In collaboration with Bosch, USA. (Defense: 07/09/18)

Martin Johr, B.Sc: Effekt fovealen Renderings auf die Wahrnehmung von Qualität bidirektionaler Texturfunktionen (First referee: Prof. Dr. C. Wüthrich) (Defense: 18/06/18)

Georg Erfurt, M.Sc.: Hands-On Math - A Finger Counting Training System for Children with Dyscalculia. (First referee: Prof. Dr. E. Hornecker). In collaboration with the Institut für Pädagogische Förderung Gotha (IPF) (Defense: 16/05/18)