Introduction to Modern Cryptography (Problem Session)

Lecturer: Eik List

Next Class Meeting: Friday, 24.11.2017, 01:30 PM, Bauhausstraße 11, SR 015

Start: 13.10.2017, 1:30 PM.

Target audience:

Computer Science and Media, M.Sc.


Problem Sets:

We will provide additional problem sets during the term that you will find here. 40% of the points averaged over both problem sets are necessary to be admitted to the exam

Additional tasks (non-graded) for autonomous training can be found on the course website

Additional Material:

Remark: When using books/resources others than the course materials, always cite them. Also, always state in your solutions when you worked on a task with members that are not part of your group. Missing acknowledgments to people or resources is neither polite nor honest. Duplicate solutions yield only points for the first group, and we shuffle them! Write up problems entirely on your own (in the group) even if you worked a problem out with someone(s) else.