Introduction to Modern Cryptography (Course)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Stefan Lucks

Cryptography is about communication in the presence of adversaries. The lecture introduces students to the design and analysis of cryptographic systems. Because one needs to understand how systems fail, before one can design and implement better systems, there is also a focus on cryptographic attacks.

Dates (Location): Mondays weekly, 13:30 - 15:00 Uhr, Karl-Haußknechtstr. 7 (HK7, HS - Hörsaal)

Begin: April 08, 2019


  • The slides etc can be found in Moodle


Date: 30.09.2019
Time: 10.00
Duration: 120 Minuten
Location: Haußknechtstr. 7, Hörsaal
Admitted Aids: two-sided hand-written DINA4 sheet, no other aids (for example, calculators)

Test Exams for Preparation:


  • J. Buchmann: Einführung in die Kryptographie, Springer Verlag.
  • A. Beutelspacher: Kryptologie, Vieweg Verlag.
  • Beutelspacher, Schwenk, Wolfenstetter: Moderne Verfahren der Kryptographie, Vieweg Verlag.
  • D. R. Stinson: Cryptography Theory and Practice, CRC Press.
  • C. Eckert: IT-Sicherheit. Konzepte - Verfahren - Protokolle,  Oldenbourg.
  • A. J. Menezes, P. C. van Oorschot, S. A. Vanstone: Handbook of  Applied Cryptography, CRC Press.

Target Group:

Medieninformatik, B.Sc.

Proof of Performance:

Exam (Admission dependent on active participation in the assignments.)