Software Development for Safe and Secure Systems (Problem Session)

Software Development for Safe and Secure Systems

Problem Session

Instructor: Jakob Wenzel

Class Meeting: every two weeks 03:15 pm (Start: 14th April 2015), Seminar room 14 (S014), Bauhausstraße 11 (B11)

Target audience:

Computer Science and Media, M.Sc.

Problem Sets:
The problem sets have to be submitted two day before the class meeting at 12:00 (noon). Send them by e-mail to jakob.wenzel(at)

  • Welcome Speech
  • Problem Set 1 (due to 12th April)
  • Problem Set  2 (normal tasks due to 26th April, mini projects due to 24th April)

    • Specification:,,
    • Mini project 1: Veronika Krauß
    • Mini project 2: Vasilii Ponteleev, Ekaterina Fuchkina

  • Problem Set  3 (normal tasks due to 12th May, mini projects due to 8th May)

    • Specification:,
    • Mini project 1: René Levin
    • Mini project 2: Mariya Kaisheva, Adrian Kreskowski
    • Mini project 3:

  • Problem Set  4 (normal tasks due to 24th May, mini projects due to 22th May)

    • Specification:,
    • Mini project 1: 
    • Mini project 2: Le Do Thai Binh
    • Mini project 3: Nguyen Thien Chinh

  • Problem Set  5 (mini projects (presenting) due to 7th June, mini projects (not presenting) due to 9th June)

    • Specification:,,

  • Problem Set  6 (mini projects (presenting) due to 21st June, tasks (not presenting) due to 23rd June)

    • Specification:
    • Mini project 1: Matthew Heinz
    • Mini project 2: Yamen Ajjour
    • Mini project 3: 
    • Mini project 4: Thomas Dressel

  • Problem Set 7 (mini projects (presenting) due to 5th July, tasks (not presenting) due to 7th July)

    • Specification:,
    • Mini project 1: Gabriela Molina, Roxanne El Baff
    • Mini project 2: Payam Adineh
    • Mini project 3: Tom Kohlberg

  • Bonus Problem Set (mini projects (presenting) due to 21st August, tasks (not presenting) due to 23rd August)

    • The testgen source can be found here
    • The Armageddon  package:, armageddon.adb

    • Additional Slides (Q & A Session 16th July 2015):

      • Slideset (about Testing, DbC, Hoare Logic, Logical Clocks / Consistent Cut, Pragmas)
      • Distributed Systems (German)


    • You can work in groups of at most three students. Only one write-up per group is required.
    • We highly recommend to compose your solutions in LaTeX
    • A LaTeX template can be found here. It can be simply build by using pdflatex.


    The majority of the problem sets include so called mini-projects. Admission to oral examination  is the successful completion of at least two such mini-projects, and presenting one mini-project. The presentation is about 15 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion.

    • Deadline: TBA
    • Policy: First come, first serve.
    • Notification: TBA

    Final Grade-Bonus:

    • You get points for solving problems and mini-projects. Achieve at least 25% of the points per problem set to get a 1/3 bonus to your grade.
    • After the end of lectures, bonus projects will be available. Solve them to get an additional 1/3 bonus to your grade.