Question: Can I present something I'll try to submit elsewhere for publication?

Yes! The core idea for WEWoRC is to serve as a workshop for reserachers in
cryptology, mostly for junior reserachers. You are invited to present your
ideas, to discuss them with your fellows, and to gather new ideas.

The extended abstract you send us is going to be printed as a part of the
pre-proceedings, handed out to the participants. The pre-proceedings are no 
peer-reviewed publication, so it does not interfere with other conferences or

In contrast to many other conferences on cryptography, you are not 
required to submit your paper to the post-proceedings. 


Question: Am I allowed to give a talk on topics I have published elsewhere? 

Yes. The core idea for WEWoRC is (see above). Of course, your abstract 
should not be identical to a publication under someone else's copyright. 

Question: So there are two different proceedings at WEWoRC? 

Yes, there are 

  1. the informal pre-proceedings with all the extended abstracts, and 
  2. the post-proceedings, reviewed by a program committee of experienced researchers and going to be published by Springer Verlag.

For the post-proceedings, the usual rule applies: no double-publication of thesame paper in another peer-reviewed publication. 

Question: I did not submit my paper elsewhere. I hope my paper will make it into the post-proceedings. How does it get there?

This takes seven easy steps:

  1. Submit an extended abstract of your work to us (deadline: June 04, 2011)
  2. Give a good presentation of your work at WEWoRC.
  3. Receive an invitation to submit a paper to the post-proceedings. 
  4. Write the full paper (if you haven't done that, already). 
  5. Submit the full paper to us (deadline September 30, 2011).
  6. The program commitee accepts your paper.
  7. Revise the paper according to the comments from the program committee (if there are such comments) and submit the "camera-ready" version to us.