Startup Hub »neudeli«

Regarding Start-up culture the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar has quite something to offer. For us, a lively founding culture means creating spaces, facilitating interdisciplinarity and project work whilst avoiding anonymity and schooling. The aim of our incubator is to produce success stories. Since 2001 we have been providing office space for cross-thinkers, inventors and makers and offer an attractive and innovative environment for the start into self-employment. Aligned with the Bauhaus tradition the »Gründerwerkstatt neudeli« is the center of experimentation and innovation.

Our range of services includes:

» Consulting
The neudeli team provides critical feedback, helps to create a viable business model, connects you with network partners and investors and supports funding applications.

» Further Education
During the neudeli summer and winter round workshops and lectures inform about specialist topics and provide the necessary know-how to work out your own business ideas.

» Office Space and CreativeLab
The incubator at Helmholtzstraße offers plenty of office space for start-up projects as well as lots of space for a creative exchange, events and seminars. In addition, the CreativeLab offers many possibilities for the realization of prototypes and the concretization of creative ideas.

» Pre-Seed-Accelerator
The neudeli fellowship is a uni-internal pre-seed funding program that promotes promising business ideas which can include products and services. The program has a duration of six months and offers office space as well as access to the CreativeLab, intensive coaching by a network of experts and a budget of max. 10,000 euros for material expenses.

» Events
The »Gründer- und Innovationsstag«, the »Ideenwettbewerb Jena-Weimar« as well as the annual presentation of the current start-up projects at the Gründerwerkstatt offer optimal platforms to present yourself and your ideas as well as to get to know other interested parties.

» Research and Teaching
At the center of teaching and research are a prototype-driven innovation management as well as new and critical approaches to management research in the area of ​​creative management.