Winterwerkschau 2023: Projekte



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Dan Yang

Daniel Scheidler, Luise Matthes, (Fachmodule 11 — Free Software in Art and Design) Robert Wachholz (Craftsman Plaster and mould construction workshop)

Kunst und Gestaltung

Freie Kunst (Diplom)

Art der Präsentation

Teilnahme an den Bauhaus.Modulen


Ultrashell is a project showcasing 3D printed ceramics. From different forms to solid topographical reliefs, the project explores the possibility of 3D printing technology in creating the formal and textural variety and precision of the traditional clay material.
As much as the materiality of clay itself if significantly different from 3d printing plastic material, the process also comes to be different depending on different 3d modeling technics. The very fine details however cannot be reached but instead replaced by the layered surfaces, which creates a unique topographical look of clay. The two symmetrical reliefs that resemble bone and fossil originally came from AI generated images. By turning the pictures into 3D printable reliefs on Blender, again, the process shows that how far the technology can go beyond the limits.

Ausstellungs- / Veranstaltungsort

  • Marienstraße 5