Risk Projects and Evaluation of Structures

Risk Projects and Evaluation of Structures deals with the assessment of hazard phenomena; lessons from recent events and field missions; interpretation of observed response for different building types; recent developments in design and construction; regional seismic risk assessment projects; damage scenarios and loss prediction and results from global earthquake models. The project deals with advance modelling techniques for nonlinear analysis of unreinforced masonry (URM) structures. Emphasis is placed on the modelling techniques and applicability/reliability of numerical assessment procedures. The basics of Equivalent Frame Modelling are discussed with respect to structural capacity and damage observations.  The project begins with elaboration of existing ground plans and transformation into digital drawings (AutoCAD format) suited as input files for the preparation of structural models. In the next step, available façade information and dimensions are correlated with ground plan information. Thus, the ground plans are evaluated based on building design parameters following EC 6 and EC 8 criterion. In the second stage, elaborated ground plans are transformed into an equivalent frame to perform numerical studies. The building capacity and corresponding performance objectives are determined for different seismic acceleration levels. The results are summarized using building type specific fragility functions.

ECTS / Credit Points: 6 ECTS / 4 SPW

Langauge: English