11th Symposium

Clifford Analysis and Applications




Prof. Dr. Klaus Guerlebeck,

Bauhaus-University Weimar, Institute for Mathematics and Physics, Coudraystr. 13 B,

99423 Weimar, Germany


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sproessig,

Institute of Applied Analysis, Freiberg, University of Mining and Technology, Prüferstr. 9,

09596 Freiberg, Germany



klaus.guerlebeck@uni-weimar.de                        sproessig@math.tu-freiberg.de



Clifford analysis as refinement of harmonic analysis and generalization of the one-dimensional   complex function theory plays an important and increasing role in different areas of mathematics, physics, computer science and engineering. The symposium aims to reflect the state of the art in pure and applied Clifford analysis and to give ideas for new developments.

We invite mathematicians, physicists and engineers working by means of quaternionic or Clifford analysis in 

  • Pure and applied Clifford analysis, applications in harmonic analysis
  • Geometric algebras and applications
  • Partial differential equations, boundary and initial value problems
  • Approximation theory and numerical simulations
  • Discrete function theories with applications
  • Fourier transforms
  • Wavelets, with application in signal analysis and image processing as well as applications in numerical analysis
  • Differential geometry, analysis on manifolds
  • Physics, in particular gauge theories, quantum physics, general relativity theory, computational physics, crystallography and scattering, plasma physics, astrophysics
  • Practical applications in engineering sciences in general, in particular applications in robotics, classical mechanics, material science
  • Special functions
  • Conformal and quasi-conformal mappings
  • Combinatorics, number theory
  • Quaternionic and Clifford analysis in education

 to contribute to the symposium.