The international telephone access code for Croatia is +385. The area code for Osijek is 031. Omit 0 (zero) in 031 when dialling from abroad. For international calls, you can call either from the post office or public telephone booths. Phone cards in the value of 25, 50, 100 or 200 HRK can be bought in all post offices and kiosks and used in every telephone booth in Croatia. Croatia is currently hosting many GSM networks, of which T-Mobile Croatia (network code 098), VIP (network code 091), TOMATO (network code 092), TELE2 (network code 095) and BONBON (network code 097) are the most used. Pre-paid mobile services are provided by all these operators.




Emergency alert: 112
Police: 192
Fire brigade: 193
Ambulance: 194

Information center: 9985
Road assistance (HAK): 9987
Taxi: 205-205

Information service
railway: 060 33 34 44
bus: 060 33 44 66