M. Sc. Aydin Shishehgaran



Academic CV

2020 - today: Guest Researcher in Computational predictions method at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
-Machine learning and new regression methods for predicting phenomenon

2016 - 2020: PhD candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology -Sustainability evaluation of constructing tall buildings

2012 - 2015: Master of Science in structural engineering at University of Sistan and Balochestan
-Increasing bending capacity of RC beam using new reinforcement bar system

2005 - 2011: Bachelor of Engineering in Civil engineering at University of Semnan
-Designing the architectural and structural plans of two steel and concrete building

Research interests

Simulation: Simulating concrete reinforced (RC) and steel elements using Finite element method (FEM)

Prediction: Using the artificial neural network (ANN), deep learning (DL), gene expression Programming (GEP), and ensemble models for predicting performance of RC and steel members
Seismic, fire, and post-earthquake fire performance of RC and steel members
RC panel and shear wall steel panel (SWSP) under explosive loads

Sustainability: Sustainable development analysis of the optimized RC and steel structures

Bending: Increased bending capacity of RC beam