All conference participants are invited to take part in the workshop ""Instructional Design for Location-based Augmented Reality Learning".

Day 1 (September 22, 2022)

Last updated: Sept. 21st, 2022

Time # Activity
08:30 Start of Registration
09:00 1

Opening and Welcome

09:05 2 Welcome from the Board of Governance of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Koch, Vice-President of Academic Affairs
09:20 3

Session 1 Learning Psychology

(Chair: Stefan Göbel)
4Invited Talk
Jan L. Plass:
Five Design Features to make Games more Effective for Learning
09:55 5 Kenji Saito, Kayo Kobayashi, Hirotsugu Ikeya, Naoki Yoshioka, Suzuna Shibasaki, Asuka Takahashi, Atsuki Hashimoto, Yuma Kawanobe, Waki Takakoshi, Asuto Mano and Tomoyasu Hirano:
Academy Camp VR: Serious Game Constructions as Active Learning Experiences for Children
10:15 6 Phoebe Perlwitz and Jennifer Stemmann:
Flow and Self-Efficacy in a Serious Game for STEM Education
10:35 7 Andrew Reilly, Laura Kelly and Kira Lough:
Gaming Experience as a Nuisance or Confounding Variable in Serious Games for Research: Creating a Scale Measuring RTS Experience in a Serious Game Exploring the Sunk Cost Effect
11:05 8 Coffee Break
11:35 9

Session 2 Design Aspects

(Chair: Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge)
10 Invited Talk:
Helmut Niegemann:
Instructional Design for Serious Games
12:10 11 Michael Winterhagen, Benjamin Wallenborn, Dominic Heutelbeck and Matthias Hemmje:
Providing Applied Games Based on Didactical Structural Templates
12:30 12 Jan L. Plass, Ken Perlin, Agnieszka Roginska, Chris Hovey, Fabian Fröhlich, Aniol Saurina Maso, Alvaro Olsen, Zhenyi He, Robert Pahle and Sounak Ghosh:
Designing Effective Playful Collaborative Science Learning in VR
12:50 13 Fernanda Oliveira, Jaime Garcia, Valerie Gay and Brandon Tong:
CogWorldTravel: Design of a Game-based Cognitive Screening Instrument
13:10 14 Svetlana Rudenko: Piano & Visuals - Introduction into Music Consciousness
13:25 Lunch & Concert
14:10 15

Session 3 Mixed Reality

(Chair: Kenji Saito)
16 Invited Talk:
Samuli Laato:
Location-based Games as Serious Games
14:45 17 Xavier Fonseca, Stephan Lukosch and Frances Brazier:
Software Architecture for Location-based Games Designed for Social Interaction in Public Space
15:05 18 Pia Spangenberger, Felix Kapp, Nadine Matthes and Linda Kruse:
Learning with Augmented Reality Headsets? Experiences of a Use Case in Vocational Education
15:25 19 Philipp Achenbach, Dennis Purdack, Sebastian Wolf, Philipp Müller, Thomas Tregel and Stefan Goebel:
Paper beats Rock: Elaborating the best machine learning classifier for hand gesture recognition
15:55 20 Coffee Break
16:25 21

Session 4  Game Design

(Chair: Mads Haahr)
22 Invited Talk:
Johanna Pirker:
We Will All be Game Developers
17:00 23 Katherine Picho, Ethan Osborne, Fatyma Camacho, Aaja Ouellette, Mason Woodford and Edward Melcer:
Resilient IN: Design of an Interactive Narrative HRV-Biofeedback Game to Develop Stereotype and Social Identity Threat Resilience
17:20 24 Elaheh Sanoubari, John E. Muñoz, Andrew Houston, James Young and Kerstin Dautenhahn:
Designing an Anti-Bullying Serious Game: Insights from Interviews with Teachers
17:40 25 Sundus Fatima and Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge:
Design Considerations of Learning Resources: Improving Learning and Engagement of Students with Visual Impairments
18:10 26 End of Day 1 Presentations
19:00 28 Bauhaus-Spaziergang
20:30 29 Dinner (Felsenkeller, Humboldtstr. 37)

Day 2 (September 23, 2022)

Time # Activity
09:00 30 Opening and Welcome
09:05 31

Session 5 Games Application

(Chair: Samuli Laato)
32Invited Talk:
Anton Nijholt:
Developments in Augmented Reality: Changing the Game?
09:40 33 Reham Ayman, Reem Ayman and Nada Sharaf:
Catch Me If you Can: An Educational Serious Game to Teach Grammatical English Rules
10:00 34 Ezra Jansen and Heinrich Söbke:
Communication Skills in Construction Projects  and Promoting Them Through Multiplayer Online Games
10:20 35 Qianqi Huang, Heinrich Söbke and Tom Lahmer:
Ecosystem Simulator - A Learning Game About Genetic Algorithms
10:50 36 Coffee Break
11:20 37

Session 6 Augmented Reality Games

(Chair: Pia Spangenberger)
38 Invited Talk
Alexander Kulik:
The promises and challenges of social mixed reality for training
11:55 39 Mads Haahr and Pernille Henriette Wiil:
A Lens to the Past: Using Site-Specific Augmented Reality for Historical Interpretation
12:15 40 Demo Pitches
12:25 41 Demos
12:55 42 Lunch Break
13:55 43

Session 7 Health Games

(Chair: N.N.)
44 Invited Talk:
Kathrin Gerling:
Critical Reflections on Serious Games in Sensitive Settings
14:30 45 Sonia-Ruxandra Suciu, Helmut Hlavacs and Charly Harbord:
Game Design for Covertly Combating Covid-19 Vaccination Hesitancy
14:50 46 Thomas Tregel, Philipp Müller, Ayumi Lara Bischoff, Josef Kinold and Stefan Goebel:
Couch Fitness Heroes - Examining Fitness Exergame Motivational Concepts and Player Monitoring
15:10 47 Menna Elshahawy, Said Mostafa and Nada Sharaf:
A Serious Game for a Serious Situation: Encouraging Healthy Behaviors for children with ASD during COVID-19 pandemic
15:40 48 Outlook to next year
16:00 49 End of the Conference