Reza Khosravian Champiri

Telefon: +49 (0) 3643 58 4109
Raum 103
Berkaer Straße 9
E-Mail: reza.khosravian.champiri[at]


Research Field

Being a major matter of dispute, on one hand, soil-structure interaction (SSI) has been attracting more and more attention from scientific societies especially during the recent decades. On the other hand, development of computers and various numerical methods has brought up the important issue of trustability and capabilities of different modeling techniques.

Considering the mentioned facts, my research interests are mainly oriented towards finding a proper definition of "Model Quality" of models trying to take into account the SSI effect. In other words, the goal of my research is to comprehend which model/modeling technique has more accurate prediction ability when simulating problems with SSI effect. Moreover, while the prediction accuracy is an important parameter to define the "quality" of a model, it is not the only one. Robustness, sensitivity, complexity and finally, uncertainty of a model or modeling technique should also play a crucial role in definition of "model quality", as long as any modeling approach will eventually have its own intrinsic shortcomings.

Having given a brief general summary of my research field, I’d end up this introduction with a number of most important problems with which I’m dealing and everyone is warmly welcomed to contact me for any further inquiries:

  • Soil constitutive formulations (Elasticity, Plasticity, HypoPlasticity, Impedance functions etc.)
  • Interface elements
  • Macro-elements
  • Cementation effect and saturation degree
  • Effect of SSI on dynamic response of frame structures
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Application of various Meta-modeling techniques