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Research Field

Reliability Assessment of non Destructive Inspection Methods for Damage Detection Based on Coupled Partial Models

The performance of a Nondestructive inspection method for damage detection is assessed by the Probability of Detection (POD). However, in the most of civil the engineering applications performing nondestructive tests (NDT) are simply impossible due to the uniqueness and the complexity of the systems. Therefore, Model-based assessment tools is required to estimate the reliability of a chosen inspection methods to detect a certain damage target. However, models are a simplification of the reality. This is because it is impossible to include all the phenomena in the calculations. Moreover, the included phenomena cannot be implemented by models that reflect their actual behavior. Therefore, there are concerns about their qualities and their influences on the reliability of the NDT.

The main objective of this work is to develop a new method which investigates the latent relationship between the quality of the model and NDT reliability. The suggested method will enhance the reliability of using NDT in civil engineering structures regardless to the chosen inspection method.


Selected Publications 

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