Thema: Methodologies for the development of quality assessment of Experimental models in structural Engineering 

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Research Field

Methodologies for the development of quality assessment of Experimental   models in structural Engineering

The focus of this research are develops computation methods for managing the uncertainties in experimental models used in various engineering field, with emphasis in structural engineering models. These methods enable the rigorous assessment of models considering measurement uncertainty based on a statistical analysis of observation and the uncertainty derived from a process equation as well as an uncertainty model of the parameters. Uncertainties are ubiquitous in structural engineering. The effect of measurement uncertainty is commonly mentioned in discussions of model accuracy, but this effect is also typically ignored. Advanced methods for representing the sources of uncertainty and propagating them though, experimental/observation models, computational models, are necessary for designing safe and robust structures and cost constraints. In this context, Bayesian theory, Evidence based theory, Fuzzy theory are the powerful tool for propagating the uncertainty through models, so that measurement uncertainty can be easily incorporated into model calibration and validation, and solve typical questions of safety, sensitivity analysis and decision making.


The topics to be covered are:

  • Expressing, evaluating and propagating measurement uncertainties; designing efficient algorithms to compute various parameters, such as mean, median and others percentiles, variance, interquantile range, moments and confidence limits; summarizing the computability of such statististic from imprecise data
  • Parametic uncertainty analysis considering measurement uncertainty in the structural simulation
  •  Calibration of experiments
  •  Uncertainty quantification (UQ) of the outcomes of laboratory and field experiments and the parameters and predictions of mathematical models using the theories of probability and statistics
  • Quality assessment of experimental models
  •  Sensitivity analysis
  •  An example of model validation based on experiments on a real structure




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