An dieser Stelle finden Sie Informationen zu den Doktoranden und deren Forschungsprojekten, die aktuell durch die Professur »Sozialwissenschaftliche Stadtforschung« betreut werden.


Nama’a Abdullah Quadah (2018) | Impact of Refugee Urban Policies on Refugee Integration and Sense of Belonging in the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Jordan. Comparative Analysis of Al-Wehdat Camp and Jerash Camp

Viktor Hildebrandt (2018) | Die räumliche Dimension des Wandels von Government - zu Governance-Strukturen in der Lokalpolitik am Beispiel Berlins

Jinia Sharmeen (2018) | Social inclusion: The role of accessible housing - the Context of Dhaka

Ruweida Aljabali (2018) | Consequences of Refugee Population on the Urban System Resilience of Diverse Cities

Ahmet Soguktas (2017) | The impact of national and international efforts on the adaption and livelihoods capacities of refugee youth at trees cities: Berlin, Istanbul and Amman

Sara Adimi (2017) | Multi actor planning and urban strategy; Which process for the inclusion of fallow territories in industrial districts of Algiers

Motalebi, Mahgol (2017) | My House is your House... Defining the Methods to create rich contact and communication between residents and newcomers by the means of spatial organization​

Manfred Platzer (2017) | Entwurfstheorie zur Gebrauchsqualität in der Freiraumplanung

Gorka Diez Sanxorxo (2017) | Bypassing Participation: Community Design and Self-Management of Public Space as a means to counter space sovereignity loss

Reem Hossam Mahmoud Fahmy (vsl. April 2017) | Titel der Dissertation: "Improving the Resilience of Floodplains Communities against Socio-Ecological Vulnerabilities."            Kontakt: Reem.Hossam[at]

Imam Hegazy (2016) | Titel der Dissertation: "Unseen Needs, Unseen Integration Barriers: The Female Syrian Refugees in Weimar. A Quest on their Resources and Impact on the Development Potentials in Weimar."  

Carlos Alberto Zepeda Gil (2016) | Titel der Dissertation: "Comparison of Evolution of Urban Developments: Chaotic vs Harmonized."

Ulises Joaquin Deon (2015) | Titel der Dissertation: "Water and Land Use Convlicts in Sierras Chicas, Córdoba. Social conflicts in the basins management."

Muhannad Al Mahamid (2015) | Titel der Dissertation: "Study the convenience and efficiency of regional development plans through urban development indicators. Case study: Syrian South region."

Aisha Aman (Oktober 2015) | Titel der Dissertation: "Cinematically Dramatized Cities: Influence of Movies on Urban spaces, in Global context."                                                                             Kontakt: aisha.aman[at] 

César Torres (Oktober 2015) | Titel der Dissertation: "The territory of the central dairy basin of the Argentinian Republic as a cultural landscape: a construction from planning and transdiscipline." Kontakt: cesar.torres[at]

Ailen Suyai Pereyra (Oktober 2015) | Titel der Dissertation: "Urban Transformations in traditional neighborhoods of the city of Cordoba. Continuities, tensions and breaches in the inhabit practices, the case Alberdi and Guemes neighborhoods between 2000 and 2015."                                 Kontakt:

Elis Mutlu (Oktober 2015) | Titel der Dissertation: "The house of new middle class(es) in the making: Housing policies and urban renewal in Turkey."                                                             Kontakt: elis.mtl[at]

Taymour Mostafa Helmy Senbel (2014) | Titel der Dissertation: "The Impact of media and Technology on the social use of public spaces.

Dalia Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim (2014) Titel der Dissertation:"Urban Performance and socio-cultural Environment: an Investigation of the discontinuity of urban architecture identity of low-income community in Siwa Oasis, Egypt."

Hanieh Shamskooshki (Mai 2014) | Titel der Dissertation: "Governing social diversities of metropolitan regions in contrast to non-functional boundaries, Tehran Metropolitan region as case study."                                                                                                                             Kontakt: hanieh.shamskooshki[at]

Riham Hassan Moustafa Elrasoul (Februar 2014) | Titel der Dissertation: "Designing Urban National Memory."                                                                                                                         Kontakt: riham.elrasoul[at] 

Christian Samuel Kirschenmann (Oktober 2013) | Titel der Dissertation: "Dezentrierung der Perspektive? Auf dem Weg zu einer Erweiterung bisheriger Gentrifizierungskonzepten mit dem Fokus auf den städtischen Raum von San Telmo (Buenos Aires)."                                               Kontakt: christian.samuel.kirschenmann[at]

Melanie Giza (Oktober 2013) | Titel der Dissertation: "Qualitative network analysis of a subcultural scene in Leipzig East."                                                                                                     Kontakt: melgiza[at]

Yomayra Puentes-Rivera (Oktober 2013) | Titel der Dissertation: "Urban soundmarks: an inquiry of recollections bounded to places."                                                                                   Kontakt: yomayra.puentes@uni-weimar

Iulia Simona Grüter-Bîrgaoanu (Oktober 2013) | Titel der Dissertation: "The Vernacular Dimension of Contemporary Housing in Romania."                                                                            Kontakt: simona.birgaoanu[at]

Rico Rokitte (April 2013) | Titel der Dissertation: "Community Organizing in Germany: High Overhead/ Low Independence?"                                                                                     Kontakt: rico.rokitte[at]

Lika Sharifi Sadeghi (Oktober 2012) | Titel der Dissertation: "Planning for difference: promoting citizen participation and integration in a superdiverse neighborhood-Case Study: Brunnenviertel, Berlin."                                                                                                                     Kontakt: lika.sharifi.sadeghi[at]

Younkyoung Sung (Oktober 2012) | Titel der Dissertation: "The Narratives of Cultural Tourism in the former GDR cities: The Case of Thuringia."                                                                    Kontakt: younkyoung.sung[at]

Thomas Kusitzky (Juni 2012) | Titel der Dissertation: "Konditionen einer auditiv-städtischen Gestaltungskultur. Bestimmung der wesentlichen gesellschaftlichen Voraussetzungen für das Entstehen bzw. Bestehen einer Gestaltungskultur, die sich mit der auditiv-ästhetischen Dimension der Stadt befasst."                                                                                                           Kontakt: mail[at]

Maria Olegovna Skivko (April 2012) | Titel der Dissertation: "Fashion in the city and City in the Fashion: Urban Representations in Fashion Magazines."                                                            Kontakt: maria.skivko[at]

Laura Torreiter (Oktober 2011) | Titel der Dissertation: "When Building Culture Meets Migrant Culture: Appropriation of Heritage Houses by Immigrant Owners in Leipzig."                               Kontakt:

Si Hyo Lee (2011) | Titel der Dissertation: "A study the future urban after the unification of north Korea through the cities changed in the unification of east Germany."

Tihomir Vidermann (2011) | Titel der Dissertation: "Does the scope of city branding span from image management to space production?"

Carlos Enrique Leon Xjimenez (2011) | Titel der Dissertation: "Art and Culture strategies for a historical city centre under risk: the Lima case." (Provisional title)

Moses Katarega (2011) | Titel der Dissertation: "Enhancing the participation of local communities in the preservation and sustainable use of Uganda's urban heritage."

Meltem Sentürk Asildeveci (Oktober 2011) | Titel der Dissertation: "Consolidating the Image of the City: Reconsidering Urban Design Theories in the Era of Mobile Technologies."                           Kontakt: meltemsenturk[at]

Tatiana Sergeevna Reshetnikova (Juli 2010) | Titel der Dissertation: "Unique architecture influence on the development of megacity space."                                                          Kontakt: reshettarch[at]