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Cubes of Curiosity, Berke Inöntepe
Cubes of Curiosity, app design, Berke Inöntepe
Cabinets of Infinity, Zeinab Rahimi, Faezeh Mansourkhaki
Collage, Zeinab Rahimi, Faezeh Mansourkhaki
Prototyping, Zeinab Rahimi, Faezeh Mansourkhaki
Physical models, Zeinab Rahimi, Faezeh Mansourkhaki
Physical model, Zeinab Rahimi, Faezeh Mansourkhaki
Cabinets of Mischief, Katarina Bankovic, Katharina Fuchs
Ein Widerstand gegen die Ratio wie eine vorausgehende Interaktion, Vasili Macharadze
Alter.II, Ipek Aydin, Idil Ozturk
Erstellt: 02. März 2022

Wunderkammer 4.0 _ Cabinets of wonder

The aim of the project is to design a temporary pavilion as vitrine to promote the famous art collection of the “Stiftung Schloss Friedenstein Gotha” and to give an inside in the baroque universe of the castle and museum. The task is to identify places alongside the tourist trails and close to important points of intersection in the city to inform and orient people and to stimulate a dialog.

MediaArchitecture Introductory Project-Module

Winter semester 2021/22

Students analyse the historic exhibitions and design a participative, reactive or interactive spatial-media environment. The micro architecture is referenced to the impromptu design of a “Baroque Artefact” – a baroque art of space and the historic “Wunderkammer” or cabinet of wonder. The modular construction principle of the installation enables a flexible position on different places and to add further elements. The vitrine incorporates changing information about current exhibitions and events and refers to the art collection of Gotha. 

Media installations will create a special atmosphere related to the natural and architectural context in Gotha. The vitrine should add a new layer of meaningful information to create an interesting environment for interactive communication. Users should become present and be involved in the presentation of the spatial installation through different pattern of communication. The design of a multisensory space, pavilion or other special environment is part of the design project.

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Cabinets of Mischief_Katarina Bankovic, Katharina Fuchs

Cabinets of Infinity_Faezeh Mansourkhaki, Anahita Rahimi

Alter.II_Ipek Aydin, Idil Ozturk

Cubes of Curiosity_Berke Inöntepe

Ein Widerstand gegen die Ratio wie eine vorausgehende Interaktion_Vasili Macharadze


Professur Bauformenlehre

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Des. Bernd Rudolf

Professur Darstellungsmethodik

Prof. Andreas Kästner

Dr.-Ing. Sabine Zierold

Junior Professur Computational Architecture

Junior-Prof. Dr. Reinhard König

Brian Larson Clark

Stefan Kraus

Nezar Abuhalaweh


Ipek Aydin, Katarina Bankovic, Katharina Fuchs, Berke Inöntepe, Paul Knopf, Vasili Macharadze, Faezeh Mansourkhaki, Idil Ozturk, Anahita Rahimi