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My friend, Marah Doleh, Chanitnanth Phadungnanonth
Ec(h)o, Eva Girzalsky, Feydrea Vialista
Tree of Knowledge, Louisa Hainich, Zarah Zoleykhaei
Silent spectacle - a (noise) pollution installation, Paola Ferrari, Patricia Berchtold
De-Re composition, Defne Inikli, Belcim Yavuz
De-Re-composition, Defne Inikli, Belcim Yavuz
Circle of lights, Timo Bechert, Nik Dommermuth
Erstellt: 01. April 2021

New nature in park on the Ilm

The aim of the project is to make aware of our nature in park at the Ilm in the context of climate change. Students sense the natural environment and make the invisible data of energy flow perceivable. The task is to intensify the multisensory perception of natural phenomena. Record sound, sense water data (flow rate, temperature gradients, pollution) and store light, observe generation and degeneration of nature and present a “new image” of nature and natural processes. Mobile media installations will create a special atmosphere related to the natural and architectural context in the park at river Ilm. The media installation should add a new layer of meaningful information to create an interesting environment for interactive communication. Users should become present and be involved in the presentation of the spatial installation through different pattern of communication. The design of a multisensory space, pavilion or other special environment is part of the design project.

MediaArchitecture Introductory Project-Module

Winter semester 2020/21


The project is structured in three parts with online plenum review and consultation in presence. 

In the first part students will get an introduction into the field of MediaArchitcture and analyse and present exemplary artistic reference projects. They will research in literature about new artistic and scientific perspectives on nature. Students will reflect about their personal experience and train their personal perception with exercises. Parallel to the research students will learn in seminars to work and experiment with different media tools and technologies. In the first plenum the first concept idea will be presented.

In the second part students analyse places in park at the Ilm and document them with drawings,  photos or videos. They will develop context-based design-oriented concepts for the mobile, interactive installation. Students will combine their concepts with different technical systems or devices and integrate them in the interactive installation. Invisible Information and data of natural systems related to the context become perceptible for the user. In the second plenum the concept idea is applied with media tools and related to the physical context.

Finally functional prototypes will be designed as scaled models up to scale 1:1 and will be tested in the physical context. Students will test, evaluate and document the usability. The prototype is a perception instrument to intensify the communication and will be presented in the third plenum. The final presentation of the hole design concept will be presented with video documentation and artistic picture language and a logbook shows the representation of the design process in the hole semester.

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Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Des. Bernd Rudolf

Professur Darstellungsmethodik

Prof. Andreas Kästner

Dr.-Ing. Sabine Zierold

Junior Professur Computational Architecture

Junior-Prof. Dr. Reinhard König



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